Washing instructions and some small advice


- Keep in mind that cotton shrinks as a rule in the washing 5- 8%. Stretch the fabric after washing.

- Avoid tumble.

- The items should be washed separately the first time.

- Something to be ironed on with heat.

- To regain a smooth surface, ironing or mangling humid.



- Linen is a natural fiber and a living material.

- Linen shrink about 4-7% in the first wash and then get a tighter structure.

- Do not wash the linen with strong detergent as this can result in natural fibers linämnen can be solved away, and thus weakens the fabric's shine and strength.

- Do not tumble dry! Let drip dry.

If decorations are made in nylon amke sure not to iron them, nylon can't withstand heat.



- Wine stains can be removed with mineral water or to add a little white wine. If you can not treat the stain at a time to sprinkle salt on.

- To keep your white textiles as white as possible, add 1/2 scoop Vanish oxy action in your laundry.

- Coffee stains are removed with cold water, more difficult stains are soaked with cold water and a little vinegar.

- Chocolate stains are removed with cold water or rubbed with milk.

- Grease stains are difficult to remove unless you start treating at once, use warm water and detergent usually help before washing.

- Candle wax stains are removed by adding the textiles in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then breaks loose. Take paper towels under and over the stain and iron as the wax melts and lands on the paper. After treat as a normal grease stain.


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