Rollpelmets have romantic blinds / rollpelmets in lovely country, romantic style with unique Swedish design with unique style and great quality.
For a little insight or great view. To pull down and shut out. To tie up and let down the roll pelmet, you can decide how much you light want.

Lift the curtain rolled / hoisted up to the desired length and tied where they wish, gives a soft romantic look.
If you wish to not have the classic 1700s overhang the curtain a thin channel sewn at the bottom, open up the page to a round rod can be inserted (or just roll in without opening up) for a straighter look.
Our roller coats we measure the height x width, available sizes for all windows and heights!

A beloved child has many names: roman blind, elevator curtain or roll pelmet. Our roman blinds are in Swedish unique design with a lovely courtyard romantic feel and charm with high quality. Roman blinds too little transparency or much visibility you choose! Choose the romantic 1700's hanging or wood into a stick at the bottom and roll up for a tighter and straighter intryck- deliciously beautiful! Change the appearance of the room easily with new elevator curtains in lovely designs.

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