pelmets in romantic country style

The pelmets from are in lovely rural, romantic style with Swedish design.

To obtain a textile feel of the room and a cozier home.
Our curtain series Voile is in lovely Swedish design, it is stunning beautiful and fine quality that we can offer at a very good price - purchased per linear meter.

Our pelmets are hand-sewn and unique, they may differ in lace details, a centimeter here and there.

Many of our curtain has been completed, your channel at the top, you can open up and insert a curtain rod if you want, and trim away tie straps.
(See Figure example of valance Nora, 45 x 140/160 and valance ShearAlice gray / beige 45 x 140/160).

See also our general washing instructions at the bottom of the first page.

Curtain in both the meter and ready-made. Depending on how much wrinkle you want your valance to order different sizes easily. If you want a tighter appearance and straighter valance needed only a few cm to cover the window. To obtain a textile feel of the room and a cozier home.

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