Lovely and feminine nightwear in English design you will find at laliving.se.

We have a wonderful collection of nightwear that gives that little extra to your mornings, nights or home days. There are different styles of nightwear that you can choose from, ranging from classic to floral that may suit you. Comfortable and comfortable nightwear that fits well on many occasions at home. Most of our nightwear comes from England, which many have the classic and country style, but we also have floral and colorful nightwear that can give a splash of color in your everyday life. We have nightgowns, pajamas and bathrobes to choose from for every occasion that suits you both at home or away. Or why not give to someone special in your life. Most of our nightwear are in one size as they are loose and wide in the model, see each model to be able to get an indication of the size, bust size and length.

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